The description implies Mississippi for a bun. The flavor claims paradise for a bun.

The description implies Mississippi for a bun. The flavor claims paradise for a bun.

this may really be one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my own life, therefore the beef is a part that is large of. a crucial element of any meal is exactly how well your ingredients make use of one another, together with beef is in fact perfect using the other components from the Southern Miss. The burger possesses great grill taste and it is juicy throughout, working beautifully using the bacon, cheese, unfried and ripened tomato, fried green tomato and shrimp. The shrimp provides a brand new meaning to surf and turf, because it’s infrequently you will get to mix those preferences for the entire dinner. There wasn’t any such thing about that burger that I would personally change.

This is about as close to burger perfection as you can get with the perfectly battered shrimp and green tomato offering that extra something.

I included some cooked macaroni and cheese as my part, and it very much, as the cheese worked perfectly with the penne pasta, this is actually not an item I recommend here although I enjoyed. That’s because during the time of our check out in belated May 2014, the connect has a huge flaw with its menu. That it doesn’t charge extra for side dishes, no matter what the price of the side is if you remember, one of the great things about Willie Mae’s is. The connect goes the opposing direction in it does cost additional for many edges. The issue is that the restaurant does absolutely nothing to inform you this on its menu, causing you to be having a surprise that is nasty your verify that you’ve purchased among the edges by having an upcharge. What’s worse is the fact that personnel actually find out about this flaw, but as of this writing, to my knowledge, the restaurant has yet to either end charging you additional for sides or note those that cost additional. The cooked mac and cheese adds $2 to your cost of your dinner, which will be fine if it was explained from the menu, although i’dn’t spend an additional two dollars to purchase it. With their credit, the employees users will reverse the upcharge about it, but you really shouldn’t even have to ask if you say something. It’s a black colored mark that doesn’t have to exist, specially perhaps maybe not at a location similar to this.

Amy, a noted beef hater, ended up being completely inside her aspect in a spot that caters towards the ocean.

Understanding that, she chosen the seafood tacos, that can come with citrus slaw, chipotle aioli and avocado. The seafood could be either fried or grilled, and Amy plumped for fried, which proved a decision that is great. These tacos are superb, with an amount that is good of through the chipotle aioli. If you’re very little for spicy material, two of those could be only a little much, however if it is possible to manage some temperature, they are perfect. In Amy’s terms, these may be the most readily useful fish tacos she’s ever had, and considering that she’s actually from the Gulf Coast in Tampa (and we’ve hit some very good taco places ), that’s pretty high praise. She included fries as her part, that are top quality plus don’t carry an upcharge.

But we’re not done yet, because as effective as the Hook Up’s primary fare is, dessert is just about a requirement right here. You’ve got two primary choices to pick from, because of the very very first one Food that is actually winning Network’s because the top ice cream treat in Mississippi: the RC Cola Moon Pie Sandwich. It’s basically a couple of Moon Pies with cola-flavored ice cream sandwiched among them, using the thing that is whole in a chocolate ganache and topped with whipped cream. Nonetheless, unlike Mississippi Foodie Shawn Rossi , who’s got enjoyed this treat, we can’t talk with just exactly how good it really is, because unfortuitously, on our see, they been away from Moon Pies.

But that’s okay, because into the Magnolia State, the dessert of preference could be the one with the state’s name inside it: Mississippi Mud Pie. The title arises from the dark look that is brown of banking institutions for the Mississippi River, and it constantly involves a lot of chocolate. right Here, the chocolate will come in the type of a thick and brownie that is delicious covered with pecans, an Oreo topping and whipped cream. Trust in me, you intend to save your self space for this one. The brownie that is warm cool snacks and cream topping are perfect together, therefore the chocolate sauce and whipped cream are perfect. This might be so great so it nearly made me want we each had our very own therefore we didn’t need to share it.

Mississippi is probably not anywhere close to the top of the list for some foodies, but sometimes, even the many places that are unlikely get quality consuming establishments, plus the Hook Up definitely qualifies. There’s no excuse for the presssing problem because of the rates for the edges, but otherwise, it is as effective as it gets no real matter what your style is. As soon as they’ve got that problem fixed, this may undoubtedly be a spot Biloxi could be proud to phone a unique.


Time and energy to get: dinner or lunch. If there’s a conference during the marina, it could be smart to schedule around it, as this is the restaurant that is only the marina.

Wait inside my see: None. There were lots of places available.

Location: The attach is found at 200 Eighth Street in Biloxi, Miss., close to the ocean yet not upon it.

Price: Many items operate ten dollars to $15 right right right here, therefore it isn’t too terribly priced, if you don’t strike the concealed fee utilizing the part meals. The sweets are a little pricy at $5 to 7 each, but they’re worth every penny.

Parking: Plenty. This is certainly among the things that are good staying at a marina. A very important factor to note, however, some parking is reserved for marina users just.

Seating arrangement: Tables and seats, both outside and inside.

Specialty Things: Southern Skip Burger, seafood, Mississippi Mud Pie, RC Cola Moon Pie Sandwich

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